• Startdatum:
  • 14 april 2021
  • Cursusduur:
  • 3 dagen
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  • (Wetenschappelijk) onderzoeker, PhD

This course will give a broad overview of topics in meta-analysis. Most standard topics in meta-analysis will be covered, such as risk of bias analysis, searching studies, fixed versus random effect models, heterogeneity, publication bias, differences between meta-analysis of randomized trials and meta-analysis observational studies. In practical sessions (STATA or R, no pre-knowledge required) students will perform a standard meta-analysis by themselves. The course will briefly cover some more advanced topics (bivariate meta-analysis, combining different metrics, network analysis).

08.45 Online registration
09:00 Introduction to the course
Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
09:10 Meta-analysis: Why &how?
Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
10:15 Break
10:30 The statistical approach
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
11:30 Practical 1 Forest plots
12:30 Break and lunch
13:00 Heterogeneity and Risk of bias
Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
14:15 Pooling effect estimates I
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
15:15 End of day 1
08:45 Online registration    
09:00 Heterogeneity: statistical
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
10:00 Publication bias
Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
10:30 Break
10:45 Practical 2 Pooling effects
12:00 Break and lunch
13:00 Meta-analysis of observational studies
Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
13:45 Practical session: risk of bias analysis
Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
14:45 Break
15:00 Publication bias: statistical
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
16:00 End of day 2
  FRIDAY 16 APRIL 2021
08:45 Online registration
09:00 Pooling different effect measures
Prof. dr. Olaf Dekkers
10:00 Break
10:15 Practical 3. Publication bias and meta regression
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
11:15 Pooling effect estimates : binary outcomes
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
12:00 Break and lunch
13:00 Tips and tricks for data-extraction
Prof. dr. Saskia le Cessie
14:00 Network meta analyses
15:00 Final remarks
15:30 End of course
Prof. dr. Cessie, S. Le (EPI)
LUMC, Hoogleraar Epidemiologie
Prof. dr. O.M. Dekkers
Hoogleraar Endocrinologie, LUMC

Participation is free of charge for students of the Leiden University.

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  • Please note that a fee will be charged to students who do not attend courses or who are too late cancelling their participation of the course
Students Leiden University* Free of charge
Employees LUMC ​​​​/ Prinses Maxima Hospital € 150,-
Course fee € 450,-