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  • 13 mei 2019
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  • 5 dagen
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  • PhD, Student

This course considers both theoretical backgrounds and practical aspects of modeling data with regression models. The focus is on linear and logistic regression models, although other models, like Poisson models or non linear regression models for continuous data will also be discussed.

Included topics are: simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, variance and covariance analysis (using a regression approach), adjustments for confounding, interaction, polynomial and other non linear regression models, logistic regression, goodness-of-fit, multivariate modeling, conditional logistic regression, generalized linear regression models, and the building of prediction models.

All statistical methods are practiced, using SPSS.

Pre-requirements: basic knowledge of statistics (e.g. the Boerhaave course Basic methods and reasoning in Biostatistics).Teaching environment

Lectures and practical sessions with SPSS.

None (to obtain a proof of participation, lectures should have been attended and special practical exercises should have been submitted)

Course material (overhead sheets, PowerPoint, exercises etc) are all in English. Lectures are also in English.

Target group
Master and PhD students in the bio-medical sciences

Monday 13 May 2019 - Friday 17 May 2019: every day from 10.30 am - 17.30 pm.
Registration everyday between:  10.00 - 10.30 (lecture hall 4)

Every morning we convene for lectures and discussions. Every afternoon all participants work on the exercises for that day on their own PCs/laptops.

At the end of the day, solutions are discussed during a general session of approximately one hour.

All exercises and data are available on the website of the course. For at most 20 participants from outside the LUMC it is possible to work on the exercises in a workshop room, but they are required to bring their own laptop for practicals where SPSS is installed; all LUMC participants should make sure they have access to SPSS and should work on their own PCs at any location convenient for them. The latest version of SPSS is required.

If you wish to make use of the room for external participants, please send us an e-mail. 

See the attachment for the full room overview for each day 

Monday 13 May 2019

10:00 Registration 
10:30 Lecture
  B.J.A. Mertens (Lecture hall 4)
12.00 Break (Paleijhs 1st floor: coffee and tea)
12.15 Lecture
  B.J.A. Mertens (Lecture hall 4)
13:30 Practical Exercises (V2-26 for non-LUMC participants)
16:30 Lecture
  B.J.A. Mertens (Lecture hall 5)
Dr. B.J.A. Mertens
Albinusdreef 2, 2333 ZA Leiden

Building: Gebouw 1
Route: 764
Room: CZ-4

Participation is free of charge for bachelor and master students of the Leiden University or VU University. Please fill in your student email address and your student number. Please be informed that we can ask you to show your student pass at the registration desk. Please note that a fee will be charged to students who do not attend courses or who are too late cancelling their participation of the course.

Course fee

€ 750,00    

Reduction fee employees LUMC

€ 150,00   

Reduction for bachelor/master students Leiden University*

€ 0,00 

Reduction fee for bachelor/master students outside Leiden University

€ 75,00