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  • 3 september 2021
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Preceding the inaugural speech by Prof. dr. Rick Haas, a symposium will be held on September 3rd, 2021 entitled; “The Best of both worlds”. Worldwide, sarcoma patients are not always referred for preoperative radiotherapy, where postoperative radiotherapy may be associated with permanent side effects, hampering normal functioning and quality of life. A large international faculty will address these issues during the symposium. The theme of this symposium will be bone and soft tissue tumors, which will be held via a digital platform. Distinguished national and international guest speakers will inform the “Best of both worlds” participants on state of the art in diagnosing and treating these rare tumors. 

09:00 Online registration
09:30 Welcome
Prof. dr. Corrie Marijnen
09:40 The evolving landscape of radiotherapy for soft tissue sarcomas
Prof. dr. Brian O'Sullivan
10:00 Your radiologist will see you now
Dr. Christina Messiou
10:20 Short intermission
10:40 State of the art of sacral chordoma management; proton beam therapy or surgery?
Dr. Stijn Krol
11:00 Damage after preoperative RT: messages from H&E
Prof. dr. Judith Bovée
11:20 Coffee Break
11:50 Debate: Primary extremity soft tissue sarcomas; RT before or after surgery?
Debate leaders: Dr. Yvonne Schrage and dr. Winan van Houdt
Debaters: Prof. dr. Kees Verhoef, dr. Frits van Coevorden, prof. dr. Jos van der Hage and prof. dr. Brian O'Sullivan
12:50 Lunch
14:00 Sarcoma care givers; the patient's voice
Prof. dr. ir. Gerard van Oortmerssen
14:20 Centralizing sarcoma care; not everybody's piece of cake
Prof. dr. Winette van der Graaf
14:40 Sarcoma care choices; one size does not fit all
Prof. dr. Michiel van de Sande
15:00 Wrap-up
Prof. dr. Coen Rasch
15:10 Break and transfer to inaugural speech location
Prof. Dr. J.V.M.G. Bovée
Patholoog, LUMC
Dr. F. Coevorden
Prof. dr. W.T.A. van der Graaf
Prof. dr. J.A. van der Hage
Chirurg, LUMC
W.J. van Houdt
Dr. A.D.G. Krol
Prof. Dr. C. Marijnen
Prof. dr. C. Messiou
Prof. dr. G. van Oortmerssen
Prof. dr. B. O'Sullivan
Prof. Dr. C.R.N. Rasch
Radiotherapeut-oncoloog, LUMC
Prof. Dr. M.A.J. van de Sande
Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC)
Y.M. Schrage
Prof. dr. C. Verhoef


Registration is free of charge