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  • 21 november 2019
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  • 2 dagen
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  • AIOS, Medisch specialist


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On behalf of the Dutch Societies of Neuroradiology and Head & Neck Radiology, it is our pleasure to welcome you to this multidisciplinary Conference Course. We are proud to present an exciting programme, with international, national and local experts, who will prepare you for the next 10 years with advanced knowledge on imaging, anatomy, pathology and treatment of diseases and conditions in and around the skull base.

This advanced course is addressed to neuroradiologists, head & neck radiologists, general radiologists, radiology residents and fellows, as well as colleagues from related specialties, including neurosurgery, head & neck surgery, maxillofacial surgery, ophthalmology, endocrinology, radiotherapy and MR physics. We are very pleased to have the international experts prof. dr. Ric Harnsberger and prof. dr. Andrea Rossi as part of the faculty.

Sessions are organized per theme: orbit, clivus & petroclival junction, sella en para-/suprasellar space, vascular pathology, cranial nerves VII-XII, and fetal and pediatric skull base imaging. In each of these, there will be refreshers on anatomy and pathology, but emphasis will be on the latest developments in imaging, diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment imaging. The course language is English.

Leiden is a charming host city, built along the canals, with a vibrating history, harbouring the eldest university and the eldest botanical garden in The Netherlands, is home to the eldest Observatory in operation in the world and has several museums. You can experience all that on a bicycle! Finally, it is also a chance to meet old friends and colleagues and to make new friends.

We hope to see you in Leiden!

Organizing Committee:

Dr. Jeroen de Bresser
Drs. Teresa Gonçalves Ferreira
Dr. Mark Kruit 
Dr. Tamara Meulman
Drs. Davy Sudiono
Dr. Berit Verbist
Dr. Marianne van Walderveen 

Thursday 21st of November 2019

08:15 Registration
08.45 Welcome
  Clivus and petroclival junction (1)
09.00 Congenital and developmental imaging of the skull base
Prof. dr. Ric Harnsberger
10.00 Neoplastic, non-neoplastic and systemic diseases of the skull base
Drs. Ana Navas Cañete
10.30 Coffee Break
  Clivus and petroclival junction (2)
11.00 Diagnostic dilemmas and surgical approaches
Dr. Wouter van Furth
11.30 Protontherapy for skull base tumors
Dr. Ida Coremans
12.00 Posttreatment imaging
Dr. Anouk van der Hoorn
12.30 Lunch break  
  Fetal and pediatric imaging
13.45 Embryology of the craniocervical junction and abnormal development
Prof. dr. Andrea Rossi
14.30 Fetal imaging of the skullbase and the face: pictorial essay
Dr. Tamara Meulman
15.15 Coffee break
  Sella - The radiologist and the multidisciplinary team
15.45 Multidisciplinary case discussions illustrate advanced anatomy, physiology, differential diagnoses, the role of nuclear medicine and therapeutic options.
Prof. dr. Nienke Biermasz, Dr. Wouter van Furth, Dr Mark Kruit, Dr. Lenka Pereira Arias-Bouda.
17.15 Social program and diner

Friday 22nd of November 2019

08:30 Registration
09.00 Welcome
  Vascular lesions at the skull base
09.00 Vascular anatomy of the skull base
Drs. Davy Sudiono
09.30 Pathology and treatment of arterial system of the skull base
Dr. Marianne van Walderveen
10.00 Symptomatic stenosis of the lateral sinuses
Dr. Marc-Antoine Labeyrie
10.30 Coffee break
  Lower cranial nerves: Anatomy and pathology
11.00 Facial palsy and facial tics
Dr. Maartje de Win
11.30 Sensorineural hearing loss: congenital malformations
Dr. Berit Verbist
12.00 Jugular Foramen: Tumors and Leave Me Alone Lesions
Prof. dr. Ric Harnsberger
12.30 Lunch break
13.30 High field MRI of the orbit & globe: advanced anatomy and tips and tricks for MRI improvements in clinical practice
Dr. Jan Willem Beenakker & Drs. Teresa Gonçalves Ferreira
13.50 Orbital infections and inflammantion
Drs. Clair Nabarro
14.25 Orbital masses
Dr. Pim de Graaf
15.00 Coffee break
  Prizes and awards
15.30 Fellowship Neuro- & Head-and-neck-radiology certificates
15.40 Lourens Penning Prize  
  Case-based training in skullbase pathology
16.00 Case-based training in skullbase pathology
Prof. dr. Ric Harnsberger
17.00 End of conference
Dr. J.W.M. Beenakker
Onderzoeker Oogheelkunde, LUMC
Prof. Dr. N.R. Biermasz
Dr. I.E.M. Coremans
Dr. W.R. van Furth
Neurochirurg, LUMC
Dr. P. de Graaf
(Neuro)Radiologie, Amsterdam UMC
Prof.dr. H.R. Harnsberger
Neurologie en radiologie, Universitair ziekenhuis Utah
dr. A. van der Hoorn
Dr. M.C. Kruit
dr. M.A. Labeyrie
Interventional Neuroradiology, Assistance Hôpitaux Publique de Paris
Drs. T. Meulman
drs. C.S. Nabarro
drs. A. Navas Canete
radiologie, LUMC
Dr. L.M. Pereira Arias-Bouda
Prof. Dr. C.R.N. Rasch
Radiotherapeut-oncoloog, LUMC
Prof. dr. A. Rossi
Dr. D.R. Sudiono
Dr. B.M. Verbist
Dr. M.A.A. van Walderveen
Interventie neuroradioloog, LUMC
M.M. de Win
Radiologie en Nucleaire Geneeskunde, Amsterdam UMC
Hippocratespad 21, 2333 ZD Leiden

Building 3
Lecture hall 6 - Buruma hall
Route description: https://www.lumc.nl/over-het-lumc/contact/

Regular fee for two days  € 350,-
Discount for specialist in training (two days only) -€ 125,-
Fee for day 1 - 21 November 2019  € 225,-
Fee for day 1 - 22 November 2019  € 200,-

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