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  • 23 juni 2020
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  • 1 dag
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  • Medisch specialist, (Wetenschappelijk) onderzoeker

The Leiden University Medical Center finds it extremely important to protect its patients and employees against the risk of spreading the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2). Our patients are often very vulnerable and our staff can’t be missed: continuity of care is essential for us. The decision has been made to cancel the symposium ‘The Leiden Summit’ due to the coronavirus and we realize that cancelling this course has a great impact.

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June 23-24 BCAC meeting (members only) Dinner on June 23
June 24-25 CIMBA meeting (members only) Dinner on June 25
June 26 B-CAST GA meeting (members only)  
June 26 BRIDGES GA meeting (members only)  
June 27 Towards Risk-Adjusted Breast Cancer Prevention Symposium  
June 28-30 ENIGMA meeting (members only) Dinner on June 28
June 30-July 2 HBOC-VUS workshop  


Albinusdreef 2, Leiden

Building: Hospital building 1
Route: 768
Room: Lecture Hall (Collegezaal) -1

BCAC meeting (members only) Free registration
CIMBA meeting (members only) Free registration
B-CAST GA meeting (members only) Free registration
BRIDGES GA meeting (members only) Free registration
Towards Risk-Adjusted Breast Cancer Prevention Symposium € 30,--
ENIGMA meeting (members only) Free registration
HBOC-VUS meeting (members only) ??

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